Get Involved!

We are so thrilled you want to get involved in our mission to educate others on the importance of open primaries! There are several ways you can “plug into” our movement:

1. Join our volunteer community

We send our important information and host our volunteer community on the Discord platform. If you are not familiar with what Discord is, check out this video.

There is no time committment to be a member of our volunteer community. Contribute as much time as you want, Students for Open Primaries will provide Volunteers with educational resources about open primaries and opportunities to help through our online community.

We will make important announcements and host volunteer events such as opportunities to text-bank, phone-bank, participate in our Meme Team, and discuss non-partisan reform! All volunteer events in our Discord server are eligible for community service hours, so don’t be afraid to ask!

By joining our Discord server, you are joining not only a volunteer server, but a Gen Z Community of non-partisan organizers! We often host “community-fun” events like Movie Nights, Trivia, and more. When you join us, consider yourself more of a community builder rather than “just a volunteer,” you’re in the Open Primaries family now!

We are building a community of nonpartisan organizers working towards Open Primaries, which includes YOU!

2. Become a Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador Program of Students for Open Primaries is our leader corps of the movement. This program is offered to leaders who want to take lead on organizing young people to open up the primaries in their state.

As a student ambassador, you will gain access to support and resources from the Headquarters team. We will help you get started on the ground by connecting you with existing campaigns in closed primary states and with other items that may be new to you: such as op-ed placement, promotion, connections, and more at request.

To become a student ambassador, you must be a college or high school aged student who resides or studies in a closed primary state. There is a time commitment of 1-4 hours a week. Although this is an unpaid position at this time, community service hours are available.

Student Ambassadorships are decided on a rolling basis, and if you are interested in becoming one, you are welcome to apply via our Volunteer Community discord server.

3. Make a charitable donation

The Open Primaries Education Fund & Students for Open Primaries have launched a fundraising effort to raise $100,000 to go directly towards our 2021 Student Initiative–every cent of your financial contribution will go back into investing in the bright future we see and know is possible for our democracy.

If nothing changes we risk silencing an entire generation of young people. Students for Open Primaries is organizing right now to engage young people and build a more equal and inclusive future for our democracy–please make a tax deductible gift today.